Consumer Complaint Policy

It is the policy of My Mortgage, Inc. to respond to consumer complaints, disputes and issues immediately, to take each complaint seriously, to investigate each complaint however small it is – without delay, and to take remedial action swiftly.

Complaints can be made directly through our website, through alternate writing or verbally. Regardless, they will be treated anonymously, when requested, and as soon as a complaint is received, it will be documented and logged in our system. The complaint is then sent directly to the Compliance Officer, in order to investigate and take action.

To submit an anonymous complaint via this website, please email [email protected]. To submit a complaint directly to the CFPB, please visit

To ensure compliance with all State and Federal regulatory agencies, all complaints and records of complaints are kept on record along with internal audit results and written policies so employees can easily access them and use them to provide better customer service. Reports and tracking of complaints are reviewed during Officer’s meetings with our Board so that company policies and procedures can be appropriately modified when warranted.

We are focused on providing financial products and services to all customers in compliance with all Federal and State regulatory policies including but not limited to consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights laws.  For more information, please contact us by phone at (833) 458-8664.

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Keep Us Accountable

My Mortgage, Inc. believes in fairness, honesty and accountability.

We encourage you to voice your concerns, give your honest feedback and ideas on improvements, or simply pay us a compliment so that we can learn from your experience. You are welcomed to give your contact information if you would like to be contacted regarding your inquiry, or you may remain anonymous. Our goal is to provide a safe space for you to speak freely; rest assured your comments will only be sent to the VP of Compliance and VP of Operations that will be able to assist and make improvements where necessary. 

Thank you in advance.